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Thank you for your interest in the Shrinkabulls French bulldog family! First off French Bulldogs just make us happy! We love the French bulldog breed to say the least! With 3 generations of bulldog breeders/loves (French & English bulldogs). Our family has well over 30 years of combined experience breeding bulldogs. We use the valuable knowledge/experience that comes from all of those years to guide every decision we make in breeding. We have many credentials and achievements over the years! Our family has passed in-home and French bulldog breeding inspections with the most credible organizations of both “AKC” and “WE GO LOOK” in 2013, OFA health testing, AKC CGC titles, numerous championships, service dog certifications, therapy dog certifications have been achieved in our breeding program, we keep all documentations on hand. We have also had the joy of working with Make A Wish to help children whose lifelong dream is of owning a French bulldog come true!

We only breed the absolute highest quality (health pedigree and temperament) French dogs, to produce Shrinkabulls Frenchie puppies. Each breeding is matched up perfectly with knowledge of the individual French bulldogs bloodlines/ family history to make the most progress in the ultimate goal of improving the French bulldog breed with every generation. Our goal with regards to breeding  starts and ends with our perfectionism to create amazingly beautiful, CUTE and well tempered dogs bred with the true French Breed standard as the goal. Our dogs are like our art work. What we put into our dogs allows us to breed dogs that even an inexperienced person can tell are truly special with the quality and beauty that you don’t see when walking down the street, in pet stores, in magazine, on the web, or even often seen on TV!

We use OFA health certification for health screenings. All mothers dogs have the best supplements/diet when pregnant. We feed organic 4 star dog food kibble mixed with home cooked fresh foods consisting of fresh meats (fish, chicken, turkey eggs), vegetables, cod liver oil, Vit B, Vit E, Ester Vit C and many other supplements based on years of researching this dog breeds individual needs. Also all our our mother French bulldogs are bred surgically, receive ultrasounds during pregnancy and receive regular prenatal vet visits. All of our French bulldog puppies are born c-section (see videos on our youtube *CLICK*) and all Shrinkabull bred french bulldog puppies are hand raised every two hours after birth in an incubator located in the puppies very own sterilized nursery *CLICK VIDEOS*. Our French bulldog dogs/puppies are also raised in the home with the families 4 children making them extremely socialized and well adapted to family life.

To name a few of Shrinkabulls French Bulldog children that you may have seen “out and about” without realizing it 🙂 We are the proud owners of the World famous French bulldog stud Shrinkabulls “Blue Moon”. Blue Moon is a VERY, VERY RARE SUPER QUALITY Blue tri color French Bulldog. He is AKC / FCI registered and OFA health tested. His DNA is solid blue tri (blue tan) color dd at/at. Blue Moon was the first and only male French bulldog of the rare blue tri color in the world as of 2011. He is still considered by most worldwide to be the BEST tri color french bulldog who has ever lived. He is one of those “Once In a Life Time” kind of dogs! Shrinkabull’s Blue moon has been featured in many celebrity music videos and other types of celebrity entertainment himself as well as MANY of his famous children. 

Such as rapper “5-Star” music video and pop star “KEANA”. Numerous of his frenchie puppies are now celebrity dogs such as his son “Shrinakbulls Buddy Lloyd”, a rare blue frenchie puppy who was featured in singer/pop star Cher Lloyd’s music video “Oath” which has been viewed over 50 million times! 

Singer Cher Lloyd went on to adopt Shrinkabulls Buddy whom ended up being her second ShrinkaBull puppy as she adopted Sharon a Shrinkabulls English Bulldog the year before. Other famous French Bulldog Moon children bred Shrinkabulls include “Shrinkabulls Blue Luna” who has been featured in ;Hollywood Magazine photo shoots with actors such Leven Rambin, actress from Hunger Games and the Percy Jackson movies, singer and actress Keana in music video “ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE OF YOU” and many others celebrities. “Shrinkabulls Pink Floyd” (blue tri French bulldog) has been featured in music videos with “TYRESE GIBSON” in “FLY PANDA”‘S “Face Drop and in photo shoots with singer CHRIS BROWN.” Shrinkabulls Blue Ivy” CLICK HERE FOR IVY’S PAGE is our beautiful little blue tri color female French bulldog who is now a very famous celebrity Frenchie who has been: featured in LIFE AND DOG magazines with pop stars (at Barns & Nobles Books). Shrinkabulls Blue Ivy has also been featured in celebrity videos & celebrity magazine shoots with actor from Wizards of Waverley Place, Gregg Sulkin, pop star KEANA in “LIFE AND DOG MAGAZINE”. Also featured in celebrity magazines with actor/singer Nat Wolff & actor singer : Braison Cyrus (Miley Cyrus’s brother 🙂

As mentioned many of our French bulldog puppies have went on to celebrity, showbiz families or therapy homes. But most just go to wonderful loving pet homes. We prefer to place our French bulldog puppies in loving family homes not just for breeding. Of course we like showing our beautiful French bulldog babies off, but most importantly we want our Frenchie puppies to have the happiest lives possible. We are grateful to the wonderful families who have adopted our babies and given them wonderful loving homes:) Our French bulldog puppies make the best family members and have much love and happiness to give. Owning a Shrinkabull French bulldog is like having a beloved child mixed with a little clown 🙂 Please enjoy the rest of our website, please see some of our cute Frenchie videos below! Also please book mark us and keep checking back for updates as we are contently updating. For available Shrinkabull French bulldog puppies please CLICK HERE!

Video of singer Chery Lloyd adopting her new French bulldog puppy “Shrinkabulls Buddy Lloyd”:

9 week old French bulldog litter bred by “Shrinkabulls French Bulldogs”:

Video of “Shrinkabulls Pink Floyd” at 8 week old (blue tan French bulldog puppy) with Shrinkabull’s little son:

Video of “Shrinkabulls blue tan/blue tri French bulldog puppies with blue eyes at 4 weeks old: