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Supplements for Healthy Bullies & Growing Bulldog Puppies!

Proper supplements make a bigger difference with a bulldog than with many other breeds because bulldogs have looser joints than any other breed & lower immune systems than many other breeds. So good supplements at a young age will help your bulldog develop into the healthiest adult bullie possible. If your bulldog is full grown its still never to late to start!


Also, as every dog gets older they run the risk of cancer just like people do. Proper supplements can greatly reduce the chances of your Bulldog getting cancer because supplements build up your bullies immune system & aid in detoxification.

Companion Life Dog Chewables – The #1 supplement I use is COMPANION for Life Dog Chewables order user ID # 1006930. This supplement has worked wonders for bulldogs joints, hips, skin problems, fantastic product! Legacy For Life (800) 557-8477


Ester C Vitamin – Ester-C is good for immune system support & immune system building and great for good joint development (see Hip dysplasia is one of the largest health issues faced by the Bulldog breed. OFA ranks Bulldogs #1 for hip dysplasia at a large 73%, yikies! It’s best to begin taking preventative measures as early on as possible for the rest of your bulldogs life. English Bulldog puppy’s hips & joints start growing at conception and continue to develop until your Bulldog reaches 18 months of age. (For this reason we put all of our pregnant & nursing English Bulldog mother’s on 1000mg of Ester C each day.) We recommend that every Bulldog puppy be on 500mg of Ester Vit C every day. For adult Bulldogs we also recommend 1000mg of Ester Vit C daily. Most local pharmacies carry Ester C.

Dasuquin: Another great hip/joint supplement is called Dasuquin This supplement is HIGHLY recommended. I have heard of many amazing success stories! It is a Glucosamine & Chondroitin type supplement but better!

EGGS: They don’t call it the incredible edible egg for nothin 🙂 Eggs are really the best source of nutrition for a Bulldog as they are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and they contain needed vitamins in a natural form . About 100% of the nutrition in every egg is used by your dog’s body unlike processed supplements & dog foods.

COD LIVER OIL: I love cod liver oil! Cod liver oil has extremely high levels of Vit A & Vit D! Cod liver oil has been clinically proven to have a positive effect on the heart, bones, as well as helping to nourish your bulldogs teeth, skin, coat and ears! Cod liver oil makes your dog’s coat look very shinny & healthy. Cod liver oil also helps ease pain and joint stiffness associated with arthritic changes. Bulldogs go through many arthritic changes when growing up till 18 mos of age & also latter in life. I also find giving cod liver oil to my dogs extremely easy. I buy a gallon of it from Revival Animal Health and pour some on each of my dogs / puppies food every morning & they love it 🙂