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The Bulldog is a non-sporting / companion breed that was bred to be a loving companion. The term “bulldog” was first used around the year 1568. The English Bulldog was believed to come from its ancestors, the Molossian dog, from Phonetician traders. The Bulldog had its origin in the British Isles. The name “bull” was applied because of the dog’s use in bull baiting (a very cruel sport). The original Bulldog was ferocious and courageous as to be almost insensitive to pain. In 1835 dog fighting as asport became illegal in England (yay). Therefore, the Old English Bulldog of old times had outlived its usefulness in England and the bulldog breeds days were numbered in England. However, emigrants did have a use for such dogs eliminating the undesirable ‘fierce’ characteristics and preserving and accentuate the finer qualities of the English bulldog. Within a few generations, the English Bulldog became one of the physical specimens, minus its original viciousness, stamina and speed.

The original Bulldog is theorized to be bred in England as a cross between the Mastiff, Bandogges, ancient Pugnaces Britanniae of Great Britain, though the genetic origin is debated. The original Old English Bulldog was eventually crossed with the pug. The outcome was a shorter, wider bulldog with a brachycephalic head type. Though today’s English bulldog looks tough, it cannot perform the job the breed was originally created for, as Bulldogs cannot withstand the rigors of running and being thrown from a bull, and cannot grip with such a short muzzle.

A true small / mini English Bulldog should just be a continuation of the downscaled breeding of the bulldog that was started after 1835 when the sport of bull baiting was banned. Most pure bred English Bulldogs are bred oversized here in America. It is not uncommon for a female Bulldog to be 65 – 85 lbs. Some breeders that go to our vet clinic even have 90 – 100 lb female bulldogs. Here at Shrinkabulls we breed pure bred small English bulldogs.

We do not out-cross with other breeds at all. We breed our Bulldogs to be small but still from the best champion pedigrees. This being said our bulldogs look more beautiful & bullie than many breeders claming to have Miniature Bulldogs. Most breeders I have talked to breed what they call “miniature bulldogs” but are really just crosses between a 65 lb bulldog & a 25 or 30 lb Boston Terrier, Frenchie, Pug or other out cross. These mixes are not predictable in size or in looks even though they may look cute & wrinkly as puppies.

This is why we do not believe in out-cross breedings. Through selective Breeding of only high quality, healthy small Bulldogs we have created the sweet, docile family pets that we know of as Shrinkabull Bulldogs 🙂