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An infant brings many changes to every member of a household, and it’s best for your English Bulldog if you can make many of these changes during your pregnancy. English Bulldogs are sensitive to routines, and by making changes now, you minimize the chances of your bulldog resenting the baby when she or he arrives.

Assume you will have less time for your English Bulldog after baby’s born. Consider whether your English Bulldog’s walking, exercise, or feeding schedules will change, and adjust them now.

Evaluate your bulldog’s obedience training. If he doesn’t respond to commands such as “Sit,” “Stay,” “Heel,” and “No,” can’t walk obediently on a leash, or has a jumping problem, start training classes now before the baby is born.

If your English Bulldog has had little or no contact with children, let your bulldog meet other kids such as nieces and nephews. Children can seem very strange creatures to animals. Babies are loud and fast, erratic and unpredictable – characteristics that can startle or frighten to your English Bulldog.

As you prepare your home for your newborn – setting up the crib and stocking up on baby powder, lotion, and diapers – allow your English Bulldog to see and smell these so he will get used to their presence.

Don’t allow your English Bulldog to climb onto baby’s furniture or blankets.


Get a sealed container for soiled diapers. All dogs are very attracted to odors. Some bulldogs love dirty diapers and might drag them around the house. Yuck!


Create a place for the English Bulldog that will be off-limits to the baby as well. Your bulldog too, will have times when he or she just needs to get away from baby or her cries.

These tips will help your English bulldog and baby grow to have a loving relationship!


English Bulldogs with children are typically a match made in heaven! English Bulldogs typically crave human attention and thrive off of praise, making them a wonderful best friend for a loving child. I have 4 children and I totally recommend a bulldog as a family pet (best friend) to raise with your children.

I strongly feel that raising an English Bulldog with a child can Infant hugging english bulldog puppyhave a huge impact on the child’s future personality in a ‘compassionate care of others’. We have teenagers and toddlers in our family. The teenagers of course fight over phones, clothes, friends and movies. The toddlers fight over toys, candy, books, cartoons and, of course, mommy and daddy’s attention. Then, in walks one of our our English Bulldogs and its a whole different ball game. The toddlers start hugging and kissing their bulldog, trying to give him their candy (grr) and share all of their things with him. English Bulldogs are just so sweet and have such expressive faces that they pull compassion out of children. 

So now, the child who is being selfish, thinking of defending his things from his siblings, is suddenly overtaken by a feeling of “I love you and want to share with you” when it comes to their Bully.That pours out into their personalities as they grow older. My toddlers and teenagers alike have learned from the love of our English Bulldogs to have a type of fellow feeling where they want to save any lost or hurt animal (turtles off the road, birds, kittens, lost dogs, etc.), but also small children that look sad or elderly people that need help in the grocery store.

All that being said, I feel that both the child and the English Bulldog need to learn their boundaries! The child must be the pack leader over your bully, so learning respect and the proper way to treat each other from day one is the key to a lifelong friendship and wonderful memories that will live with your child for the rest of his life, long after your bully has passed.

The energy level in English Bulldog puppies can be high at times, and thus they will be very active in performing their tasks. Start training your English Bulldog puppies at the most early stage. As your bully will be able to understand your regular commands easily as the time passes (i.e.) as he or she grows, the most important part of training is the interaction between your little bully and your children and family. The most important thing to consider in how to train your bulldog is how you teach him or her is to respond on your commands.

Training on your commands is important, as you are going to use this each and every day. And to have a better communication between your child and little bully, it is very important to watch each and every response. Your training should be on how the bulldog has to sit, to come closer, stay, go, sleep, and potty training. These commands are important as it is part of the daily routine life. Rewarding your little bully after each training session will help you and your pup to boost up the confidence level. You have to make them feel and understand that they are important in your life.

Along with your English Bulldog puppie’s training, you must train your child too. Train your child on how patient and calm they have to be when they are interacting with your English Bulldog puppy. This is because it is the natural tendency of kids (children, babies) to play crazy games and to aggravate dogs sometimes. Things which kids might do without even realizing it, like pulling his ears, kicking, pushing, poking or climbing on your bulldog’s back, and similar annoying things, can actually be harmful to your English Bulldog’s health. Also, these things are working away from that healthy, strong, loving bond and respect that we need to develop between your child and your English Bulldog.

When you are training your English Bulldog puppy, make your child also observe the training with you. This will help your child to understand their feelings and learn how to be a pack leader themselves along with the response of the commands from your little bully. This training session will help the both of them to not only get closer, but also to understand and respect each others feelings. English Bulldogs are the best companion dogs in this WORLD if you ask me 🙂 At times, you will notice that they are becoming stubborn, i.e. will not react to your commands. This is because their sense of understanding is so high that they can analyze whether to respond in a particular situation or not.

English bulldog puppies are the most precious pets that every pet lover can own. The appearance of their little muscular body, with bat like ears, will make you go crazy. This will make your child love them more, and thus they will want to hold them all the time. But it is always advisable to have an adult supervise when the interaction between them takes place at first. Little bulldogs will never permit their child owner to feel bored, nor they too get bored. Bulldog pups love to play around all the time. Thus your child doesn’t need to feel lonely as his or her little bulldog buddy will want to be with them all the time.