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A house with a dog and a cat is not an uncommon situation. In fact, many families consider dogs and cats to be extensions of the family. As such, these two different species should become friends, considering their role in the human family. But instead of living together peacefully, these pets often end up fighting with each other. But this doesn’t have to be the case in your house if you properly introduce your French Bulldog to your cat.


The moment you bring home your new French Bulldog, do not force him and your cat to like each other immediately. Go slow and limit the exposure. It is better if the cat is in another room when the new Frenchie (in a crate or with a leash) comes in. This serves to teach your Frenchie that there are rules he must follow and cannot just do anything he pleases. Through the safety of the crate or leash, allow the cat to check or explore the newcomer. Praise the dog for being friendly around the cat, or correct him by saying “no”. You may also want to make the environment appear enjoyable when the cat comes in. This will eventually associate positive and pleasant feelings with the cat.


When the dog is already used to having the cat around and is not barking everytime he comes in the room, you can let him out of the crate. If the dog starts to show aggression, correct him at once before it turns into growling and hissing. Give the command “no” in a firm manner. Reward the dog for showing friendly behavior to the cat.


Though introductions have been done successfully, you will still need to take necessary measures to ensure that the peace and friendship between them remain. It is best to separate cats and dogs at mealtime. Dogs tend to protect everything he considers as his property, including his food. He could possibly attack the cat or gobble down his meal immediately and possibly develop digestive problems.


To lessen the risk of them fighting, keep an eye on them as often as possible. If you won’t be around to supervise, do not let them stay together in one room.


Proper introduction and French Bulldog training are ways to prevent hostilities and rivalry between your cat and your French Bulldog.