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Shrinkabulls Blue Moon is one of Shrinkabull’s celebrity French bulldogs! He has been featured in Hollywood music videos & celebrity modeling shoots. Blue Moon has also produced many out-of-this-world French bulldog puppies of his own (see below). Many of his frenchie children are also world famous celebrity French bulldogs who have been featured in celebrity shoots/magazines/videos. To name a few:


Blue Moon‘s daughter “Shrinkabulls Blue Ivy” has been in Hollywood magazine shoots with Wizards of Waverly Place star actor Bulldog Celebrity StarGREGG SULKIN(see below), was featured with Pop Star Bulldog Celebrity StarKEANA in LIFE DOG MAGAZINE (at Barnes & Noble books now), also in celebrity magazine shoots with actor Bulldog Celebrity StarNAT WOLFF from movie THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, featured in celebrity magazine shoots with singer Bulldog Celebrity StarBRAISON CYRUS (MILEY CYRUS’ BROTHER) and was also featured in Just Jared, MTV news & has also been on live TV 🙂 Click here for Ivy’s page.


Moon’s celebrity son “Shrinkabulls Buddy Lloyd” was featured in music video “OATH” by singer Bulldog Celebrity StarCHER LLOYD (see below) with over 70,000,000 (70 million) views & all over MTV. Buddy has also been in Hollywood news cast with Bulldog Celebrity StarAlex Frnka (see below) & is now owned by singer Bulldog Celebrity StarCher Lloyd. He has also been featured in celebrity photo shoots with actress Bulldog Celebrity StarALEX FRNKA & featured in celebrity MTV news.


Blue Moon’s son “Shrinkabulls Pink Floyd” has been feautured in Hollywood video shoots with hit singer Bulldog Celebrity StarCHRIS BROWN, starred in singer Bulldog Celebrity Star TYRESE GIBSON in Bulldog Celebrity StarFLY PANDAs – Face Drop video, and has been in photos shoots with Bulldog Celebrity StarIGGY AZALEA!


Blue Moon’s daughter “Shrinkabull’s Luna” was featured in Hollywood celebrity magazine shoots with actress Bulldog Celebrity StarLEVEN RAMBIN from hit movie HUNGER GAMES & PERCY JACKSON movies. Shrinkabull’s Luna also starred in singer Bulldog Celebrity StarKEANA’s music video of “ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE OF YOU” (avail at iTunes – see below). Luna also starred in celebrity photo shoots with TEEN WOLF’S Bulldog Celebrity StarTYLER POSEY & HIS ACTOR BROTHER Bulldog Celebrity StarJESSE POSEY on Miabella celebrity Magazine (CLICK HERE for Luna’s page).


Shrinkabull’s Once In a Blue Moon with Bulldog Celebrity StarIggy Azalea


Bulldog Celebrity StarCHRIS BROWN with Shrinkabull’s Floyd

Bulldog Celebrity Star5IVE STAR with Shrinkabull’s Floyd

Shrinkabulls Blue Ivy with Actor Bulldog Celebrity StarNAT WOLFF from THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

Bulldog Celebrity StarCher Lloyd talks about new love, Shrinkabull’s Buddy, on interview with MTV News

Bulldog Celebrity StarCher Lloyd’s Puppy Love!

Star Bulldog Celebrity StarKEANA in LIFE DOG MAGAZINE with SHRINKABULL’S IVY, now in Barnes and Nobles Bookstores

LUNA on Hollywood set filming “Another Little Piece of You” by Bulldog Celebrity StarKEANA

Miley Cyrus’ brother Bulldog Celebrity StarBraison Cyrus on a photoshoot with SHRINKABULLS BLUE IVY

Wizards of Waverly Place handsome star Bulldog Celebrity StarGregg Sulkin gives Shrinkabull’s Blue Ivy a kiss on set of their shoot for Troix Magazine.

Shrinkabull’s Blue Ivy with actor Bulldog Celebrity StarGregg Sulkin

Shrinkabull’s Ivy with singer Bulldog Celebrity StarKEANA on magazine photo shoot

Actress Bulldog Celebrity StarLeven Rambin of the Hunger Games and Percy Jackson movies with Shrinkabull’s Luna

Ivy with singer Bulldog Celebrity StarKEANA

Shrinkabull’s Blue Ivy with Pop Star Bulldog Celebrity StarKEANA

Bulldog Celebrity StarCher Lloyd’s OATH with Shrinkabull’s Buddy and a little girl from Make A Wish holding her

Thanks to MTV Buzzworthy for featuring our Shrinkabull’s Buddy Lloyd

Shrinkabull’s Luna with Pop Star Bulldog Celebrity StarKEANA

Pop singer Bulldog Celebrity StarCher Lloyd with her Shrinkabull French Bulldog puppy

Shinkabull’s Floyd with Bulldog Celebrity StarTyrese Gibson in FLY PANDA’S Face Drop on VEVO

Singer Bulldog Celebrity StarCher Lloyd with Shrinkabull’s Blue Frenchie

Shrinkabull’s Luna with Teen Wolf’s Bulldog Celebrity StarTyler Posey and brother Jesse in Miabella Magazine

Shrinkabull’s blue tan Blue Ivy with Miley Cyrus’ little bro Bulldog Celebrity StarBraison Cyrus on PEREZ HILTON

Babysat Shrinkabull’s Buddy Lloyd while Bulldog Celebrity StarCher Lloyd went to London and he ended up with The Inbetweeners star Bulldog Celebrity StarAlex Frnka shooting for Miabella Magazine

NASCAR’s Bulldog Celebrity StarAuston Dillon with a Shrinkabull’s French Bulldog

Bulldog Celebrity StarAlex Frnka on LA Hollywood news with Shrinkabull’s Blue Moon’s son