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Dental Care is an important aspect of your French Bulldog’s complete health care thats often over looked.

While most French Bulldogs never have dental problems one of the most common ailments treated by veterinarians is periodontal or gum disease. By two or three years of age, many dogs start to show signs of oral disease. This being said by implementing a home dental care routine for your French Bulldog puppy you can assure that your French Bulldog’s mouth stays healthy, clean and pain free.

You want to start by routinely inspecting your French Bulldog’s mouth. A healthy mouth will not smell offensive. The teeth will be clean and will not have any yellow or brown spots. The gums will be a healthy pink color and will hug the teeth. 

If you notice persistent bad breath, brownish deposits around the gum line, especially on back teeth, red swollen gums, loose teeth, painful looking and or bleeding gums, these are all indicators of oral disease. Although bad breath or “doggy breath” is the most obvious sign of a problem, many pet owners fail to recognize it as an indicator of dental problems until it is a real big problem. If you notice any of these signs, call your vet to schedule a doggie dental exam. Regular cleaning by your vet followed up by a home dental care program can help keep your French Bulldog’s mouth healthy and disease free.

Good preventative care at home includes regularly brushing your French Bulldog’s teeth with a good pet toothbrush and dog toothpaste (human toothpastes can be toxic), and encouraging chewing on dental chew bones and teeth healthy chew toys. I order my French Bulldog’s teeth care products from Revival Animal health CLICK HERE!

If you have a new French Bulldog puppy, introducing a tooth brushing routine will probably be much easier than if you have an adult French Bulldog. In either case, start slow, keep the sessions short, and be very gentle while working in your French Bulldog’s mouth. Use lots of praise and reassurance to reinforce good behavior. You will not want to give your French Bulldog treats during this task, for obvious reasons. You will want to help your frenchie get used to you having your hand in their mouth. To do this, try dipping your finger into beef bouillon for frenchie or tuna water etc. Rub your soaked finger gently over the pet’s gum and teeth. Remember to make this session short and positive for the pet. Once your French bulldog is comfortable with your finger in his mouth, gradually introduce using gauze over your finger with toothpaste applied to it.

Lift the lips to expose the outside surface of the teeth. Gently scrub the teeth in a circular motion. AGAIN DO NOT use toothpaste meant for humans. There are lots of good dog toothpastes and dental products designed for dogs. Introduce a toothbrush to your pet by using a soft nylon toothbrush designed specifically for dogs. Brush in small circles, overlapping the teeth and gums. The most important part to brush is the where the gum attaches to the tooth as this will help prevent plaque build up on your french bulldog’s teeth.

Traditional chew toys are still available and are just as popular as ever. But there are also a variety of very good dental chew toys, rope bone chew toys and edible dog chews designed to keep your French Bulldog engaged, with the added benefit of cleaning the teeth. These toys will entice your French Bulldog into playfully attending to the required dental hygiene. They can also keep your French Bulldog entertained and out of mischief during those times when you must leave your Frenchie alone. Just remember: not all toys, chews & ropes are safe for a French bulldog! Make sure to only buy safe toys that your French bulldog can not choke on!

Rope Bone Chew Toys for French Bulldogs –

You can also try a dental rope chew toy for great flossing action. As your French Bulldog happily chews on these toys the rope fibers clean between the teeth. Spray on some dog dental care spray or rub on a little flavored pet toothpaste to really enhance the cleaning action of this enticing dental chew toy. Check out a pet dental care spray & rope chew toy kit and get your French Bulldog dental care routine going. Again just make sure you get a larger size rope that does not have parts your bulldog can swallow.

Dental Chew Toys –

For long lasting chewing fun, and a great dental workout, get your French Bulldog a dental chew toy. Some brands are manufactured with grooves that make these dental toys real winners for cleaning your dog’s teeth. Some dental chew toys can also be stuffed with your French Bulldog’s favorite treats for hours of stimulating chewing.

Choose whichever safe dental dog toy or chew treat that will keep your French Bulldog happily chewing his or her way to clean and healthy teeth and gums.