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When you bring your french bulldog puppy home for the first time try not to be alarmed if he or she experiences a little carsickness, no fun. Normally French Bulldogs take to travel and ride in cars naturally, but some do experience car sickness as the adjust to this new experience. A few are nauseated by the motion of the car and other factors and get sick at the thought of going for a ride (this can be overcome). 

The central problem is normally confidence related; he has to be made to feel sure of the situation, and of his surroundings. French Bulldogs are normally very social & enjoy meeting new people and animals as much as possible. But lets consider it from your French Bulldogs point of view.Suddenly he or she is thrust into a strange smelling monster of steel and padding, closed in a small place which immediately starts moving and bumping about with gasoline smells, motor oil and horn noises and the sight of the world rushing by him or her.

 always start a trip out right by not feeding or watering my French Bulldogs for about an hour or so before taking them for a ride. Just as you wouldn’t want to go swimming immediately after eating a large meal. By waiting it takes some of the physical load off of their systems. If you are driving alone on a short trip you can let him snuggle up to you on the front seat, pet him and talk to him. Let him sit with you in the car for a few minutes before you start up. Start off slowly, reassuring your French Bulldog all the while. Drive only around the block the first time so you can get him out before he has a chance to get sick. Then increase the length of the rides until your French Bulldog puppy becomes used to it. I use a dog seat belt harness like this one:

During the introductory rides, keep as close an eye on your French Bulldog as you can and still drive. If he shows any signs of throwing up (usually a sort of slight hiccupping), stop as quickly as you can and get him out of the car. Whatever you do, when he is sick, don’t chastise him in the slightest. He simply cannot help it, and any attempt at correction or any disapproval will only confuse him and may make him worse.

Once your French Bulldog has gotten over carsickness, or if he started out cured, you should make a riding spot in your car for him . For car riding, it is essential to make very strict rules and never let him stray from them. Teach your French Bulldog that windows are boundaries and he should not stick his head out. Also teach your French Bulldog that he cannot leave the car until you give him permission, these are the two most important rules he needs to learn to stay safe. However for any long trips of over 30 minutes or so I feel it is safer and more sur cure to travel with your french bulldog in a comfortable travel crate.