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When considering if a bulldog is the right breed for you please think about what you will expect from your dog. What needs of your own you would like him to fill as well as what needs of his he will need you to fill. First and foremost, if you are looking for an outside dog to take on 15 mile hikes/jogs with, or swim in your pool with a Bulldog is not the right choice for your family. However if you are looking for a sweet buddy to sit and watch TV with a bulldog might be your perfect match!

English Bulldogs, for the most part, are laid back easy going adult dogs. Bulldogs are NOT, NOT outside dogs! Bulldogs can not handle the heat! An air-conditioned or cool home is required. When summer temperatures get above the mid 80’s the A/C should be on, even if you just get a window A/C for the room the bulldog is in. Bulldogs enjoy cold weather much more but still should never be left outside in winter months. English Bulldogs are very social dogs and love going places and meeting new people especially when you start doing so at an early age. Bulldogs make great therapy dogs as they make everyone smile 🙂 Bulldogs need people and to feel loved. Bulldogs have very adaptable personalities, they love to sit at your feet (or even in your lap), watch you cook or work and follow you around… Bulldogs are by no means considered a guard dog but they will protect the people they love and even though they don’t bark much they will alert you when someone new arrives at the home. Bulldogs are very, very much a family dog. Most Bulldogs get along well with children, other pets and people. A well bred english bulldog holds its “beauty” as a puppy and as an adult. Unlike breeds of dogs that look cute as puppies, but lose some physicalenglish bulldog puppies appeal as they mature. A Bulldog looks very expressive and charming at every age!

English Bulldogs are considered a medium-sized breed and belongs to the Non-Sporting group of dog breeds. (If you are looking for a smaller dog breed you might want to consider one of our French bulldogs). Bulldogs do well in a home or apartment setting as they don’t need tons of room. Bulldogs have a short easy to groom coat. Bulldogs shedding seasons are Spring / Fall time. Most bulldogs do not do an excessive amount of shedding like labs do. We recommend adding extra Omega 3 fatty acids to your dogs diet during shedding seasons as it makes shedding less of a nuisance. The folds and wrinkles of the face should receive daily care SEE GROOMING. It is very important that a bulldog see a BULLDOG VET with plenty of Bulldog experience so that your bulldog is assured the proper care for his unique anatomy. Bulldogs are often misdiagnosed and even killed by unknowing vets who do not understand the uniqueness of this breed well enough!

The average life span for a bulldog is 9-10 years. That can depend on diet, exercise, vet care, health, how well the dog was bred and other factors. Healthy bulldogs can live more than or less than 10 years. As I’m sure you know by now well bred English Bulldogs are an expensive breed to acquire, the price ranging from $3,000-$4,000 for a good pet quality dog in the USA. When it comes to a bulldog, in most cases you get what you pay for so this is the time to find the best family member not the best bargain. SEE BUYING A BULLDOG.

Bulldogs can take more time and or money to maintain than many other dog breeds do to their unique anatomy which will continue for the life of the bulldog. Often if you take the time to educate yourself early on proper care for your bulldog and you buy a high quality bulldog from a good breeder you can limit many many health issues. But even still, because of the uniqueness of the bulldog breed’s build, some bulldogs will have health related issues even when bred and cared for properly. You could spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in vet bills, many people never spend any money on vet bills for their bulldog except yearly check ups, but it is possible and you should understand that could be the case.

 So if you are set on getting a bulldog start with a good quality healthy puppy with a health guarantee and we recommend getting a GOOD pet insurance plan. A great option for the person wanting a Bulldog, but who can’t afford a large sum for the initial purchase, would be a rescue Bulldog. There are many local clubs, animals shelters, rescue groups and other organizations that have Bulldogs needing a second chance at life.

If you feel that your life style fits well with a bulldogs needs, and you are prepared for the extra maintenance that comes along with the bulldogs cute, funny, unique anatomy, then welcome to the bulldog breed! Please look over our site to learn more about this special breed!