Shrinkabull's English Bulldog puppies

"SHRINKABULLS HOME BREW" aka "JAX" born - 2013


“JAX” is our VERY RARE PURPLE LILAC TRI bulldog stud! He is a 3rd generation Shrinkabull bulldog. Jax is a super super rare purple lilac tri with beautiful BRIGHT aqua eyes. Jax carries every desirable rare color DNA ddbb2. Carrying two copies of dd (blue DNA), two copies of at/at (clear tri agouti locus DNA) & two copies of bb (chocolate gene DNA) from two different chocolate genes both S4IC +/+ =bb & 345delp +/+ = bb. Jax’s has followed in his World famous sire & grandsire’s foot steps! 

Jax is ALREADY a world famous bulldog in the celebrity world himself ! Jax” sire is the one & only “SHRINKABULLS BLUE LEGECY” as seen on MTV & in music videos of over 100 million views seen all around the world. Jax is grandsired by “CH SHRINKABULLS ACE IN THE HOLE CGC”. Jax” has already been featured in many many celebrity videos, shoots & films, such as Bulldog Celebrity Star “Jason Derulo” new music video “TRUMPETS”, World premiere of Bulldog Celebrity Star ‘Sevyn Streeter’ – “IT WON’T STOP” music video with Bulldog Celebrity Star “Chris Brown”, NBA star Bulldog Celebrity Star “Dorell Wright” of the Portland Trail Blazers, many celebrity video shoots with singer/actress Bulldog Celebrity Star “KEANA”, music video / celeb shoots with singer Bulldog Celebrity Star “PIA MIA”. He has been in celebrity photos shoots with actor Bulldog Celebrity Star Nick SWARDSON and actress Bulldog Celebrity Star PENNY LANE. Also Jax litter mate sister “Shrinkabulls Katana” has also been in celebrity videos/shoots with boy group Bulldog Celebrity Star The Janoskians, pop star Bulldog Celebrity Star KEANA & singer Bulldog Celebrity Star PIA MIA song “RED LOVE”! Jax has other siblings also who have been featured in celebrity photo shoots at Bulldog Celebrity Star Miley Cyrus’s Hollywood home with her brother Bulldog Celebrity Star Trace Cyrus just to name a few. We will keep adding new photos & updates on Jax aka “SHRINKABULLS HOME BREW” so please keep checking back. Also find photos, videos of Jax, his parents & grand parents below. Many photos please keep scrolling! He is well worth seeing 🙂 AVAILABLE AT STUD SERVICE TO LIMITED APPROVED FEMALES! CLICK HERE FOR SHRINKABULLS STUD SERVICE INFO, E-MAIL:, CALL: (614) 594-3220 OR (614) 594-3014.



Jax with celeb / pop star Bulldog Celebrity Star KEANA in CEASER LIMA photo shoot

Jax in music video with singer Bulldog Celebrity Star Jason Derulo in “Trumpets”

Jax in celeb video with Bulldog Celebrity Star Sevyn Streeter & Bulldog Celebrity Star Chris Brown for the song “It Won’t Stop”

JAX behind the scenes in Bulldog Celebrity Star Jason Derulo’s music video for “Trumpets”

JAX with singer Bulldog Celebrity Star PIA MIA

JAX hanging out with Singer / Actress Bulldog Celebrity Star KEANA

JAX with actor Bulldog Celebrity Star Nick Swardson

Shrinkabulls JAX in Bulldog Celebrity Star Sevyn Streeter’s “It Won’t Stop” music video featuring Bulldog Celebrity Star Chris Brown

Singer Bulldog Celebrity Star Jason Derulo with Shrinkabulls JAX

Shrinkabulls JAX in Bulldog Celebrity Star Sevyn Streeter’s “It Won’t Stop” music video featuring Bulldog Celebrity Star Chris Brown

JAX with pop star and actress Bulldog Celebrity Star KEANA

JAX in a magazine photoshoot with actress Bulldog Celebrity Star Penny Lane