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"SHRINKABULLS HOME BREW" aka "JAX" born - 2013


“JAX” is our VERY RARE PURPLE LILAC TRI bulldog stud! He is a 3rd generation Shrinkabull bulldog. Jax is a super super rare purple lilac tri with beautiful BRIGHT aqua eyes. Jax carries every desirable rare color DNA ddbb2. Carrying two copies of dd (blue DNA), two copies of at/at (clear tri agouti locus DNA) & two copies of bb (chocolate gene DNA) from two different chocolate genes both S4IC +/+ =bb & 345delp +/+ = bb. Jax’s has followed in his World famous sire & grandsire’s foot steps!¬†

Jax is ALREADY a world famous bulldog in the celebrity world himself ! Jax” sire is the one & only¬†“SHRINKABULLS BLUE LEGECY”¬†as seen on MTV & in music videos of over 100 million views seen all around the world. Jax is grandsired by¬†“CH SHRINKABULLS ACE IN THE HOLE CGC”. Jax” has already been featured in many many celebrity videos, shoots & films, such as¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†“Jason Derulo” new music video “TRUMPETS”, World premiere of¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†‘Sevyn Streeter’ – “IT WON’T STOP” music video with¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†“Chris Brown”, NBA star¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†“Dorell Wright” of the Portland Trail Blazers, many celebrity video shoots with singer/actress¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†“KEANA”, music video / celeb shoots with singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†“PIA MIA”. He has been in celebrity photos shoots with actor¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Nick SWARDSON and actress¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†PENNY LANE. Also Jax litter mate sister¬†“Shrinkabulls Katana”¬†has also been in celebrity videos/shoots with boy group¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†The Janoskians, pop star¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†KEANA & singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†PIA MIA song “RED LOVE”! Jax has other siblings also who have been featured in celebrity photo shoots at¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Miley Cyrus’s Hollywood home with her brother¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Trace Cyrus just to name a few. We will keep adding new photos & updates on Jax aka “SHRINKABULLS HOME BREW” so please keep checking back. Also find photos, videos of Jax, his parents & grand parents below. Many photos please keep scrolling! He is well worth seeing ūüôā¬†AVAILABLE AT STUD SERVICE TO LIMITED APPROVED FEMALES!¬†CLICK HERE FOR SHRINKABULLS STUD SERVICE INFO, E-MAIL:, CALL: (614) 594-3220¬†OR¬†(614) 594-3014.



Jax with celeb / pop star Bulldog Celebrity Star KEANA in CEASER LIMA photo shoot

Jax in music video with singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Jason Derulo in “Trumpets”

Jax in celeb video with¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Sevyn Streeter &¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Chris Brown for the song “It Won’t Stop”

JAX behind the scenes in¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Jason Derulo’s music video for “Trumpets”

JAX with singer Bulldog Celebrity Star PIA MIA

JAX hanging out with Singer / Actress Bulldog Celebrity Star KEANA

JAX with actor Bulldog Celebrity Star Nick Swardson

Shrinkabulls JAX in¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Sevyn Streeter’s “It Won’t Stop” music video featuring¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Chris Brown

Singer Bulldog Celebrity Star Jason Derulo with Shrinkabulls JAX

Shrinkabulls JAX in¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Sevyn Streeter’s “It Won’t Stop” music video featuring¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Chris Brown

JAX with pop star and actress Bulldog Celebrity Star KEANA

JAX in a magazine photoshoot with actress Bulldog Celebrity Star Penny Lane