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Treats for French Bulldog training can be a great way to break old dogs that may be already set in their own ways. While for puppies it may not need to be as necessary as praise is generally enough in most cases.


Frenchies love getting rewards for working hard. It’s a great way to use positive reinforcement when you are teaching them something new. They love to be able to please you, and they love a challenge and a variety of activities that prevents them from becoming bored. Keeping them busy will also help to keep them out of trouble.


French Bulldog training sessions should be done in relatively short bursts – generally 10 minutes is the maximum. When ending a session, lots of petting, play, and praise goes a long way. They soon understand that responding correctly to your commands and following you as their leader results in special rewards. Some professional trainers describe this method as the “earn and praise” or “no free meal” system, in which they associate their good work for a special treat or praise.


Using the “earn and praise” method and being consistent will help to keep your Frenchie from becoming confused or even learning the easy way to get the attention and the praise they seek without the hard work required. Treats are a great and easy way to teach commands and have them focused on working for you. They love to please you and gain your affection. Use their energy and the positive reinforcement of the “earn and praise” method, and after a few months of diligent training you’ll have a fantastic, loyal, and obedient family pet that will give you many years of enjoyment throughout their lifetime.


Using treats for French Bulldog training will help achieve the desired outcome of teaching your pet commands. To get them to sit may work by pushing their bottom down, but a more effective way is by holding the treat above their head and slowly moving it back over their heads. You’ll find that as they follow your hand they naturally sit down. Using lots of praise and getting excited really excites them too. If they sit, give them the treat with lots of praise and affection. Responding in this manner to any other commands you would like to teach will make French Bulldog training so much easier, with quicker results.


Confused about which treats to give your Frenchie? More and more pet owners are choosing organic treats for their dogs, and we personally recommend them. These treats are free from any chemicals or toxins and are often fortified with vitamins and minerals, which can help prevent the development of skin problems, allergies, and diabetes and kidney problems.


Edible dog treats should be high in vitamins and nutrients and low in fat. Vegetables such as raw broccoli, raw baby carrots or raw red peppers can keep even a fussy dog happy. You can also try pineapples, grapes, bananas, apples and pears. Your dog will soon let you know which he prefers.


Some brands we recommend:

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