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On set with Bulldog Celebrity StarJustin Bieber, Bulldog Celebrity StarPoo Bear, Bulldog Celebrity StarTyga and Shrinkabull Puppy

Bulldog Celebrity StarIggy Azalea mentions Shrinkabulls on her Twitter page

JASON DERULO “TRUMPETS”starring “Shrinkabulldogs” baby Bulldog star¬†Jax

Bulldog Celebrity StarRami Said Malek, actor from Twilight: Breaking Dawn, FOX comedy series The War at Home, HBO miniseries The Pacific, and Night at the Museum

Chris Brown below with his bulldog puppy. Chris Brown named his Bulldog puppy Shrinkabulls “X” after his album “X”.

Chris Brown with new puppy on HollyWood Life

Joe Joans new puppy blue bulldog puppy. Joe Jonas named him Shrinkabulls Winston.

Joe Joans new puppy

Shrinkabull’s Rolo in GLAMOUR Magazine

Bulldog Celebrity StarRoselyn Sanchez and Bulldog Celebrity StarFlo Rida РStep Up Your Game

Bulldog Celebrity StarAngela Sarafyan, actress from Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Judging Amy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Shield, The Division, 24, Cold Case, South of Nowhere, and CSI

Bulldog Celebrity StarIggy Azalea gets a hug from Shrinkabull’s Jam Don’t Shake Like That Jelli

Shrinkabull Bulldog “SHRINKABULL TITAN OF TROIX” with¬†Bulldog Celebrity StarChad Murray” from¬†One Tree Hill,¬†Rolling Stone, Walt Disney¬†Freaky Friday, Teen Choice Awards etc.

Singer Bulldog Celebrity StarIggy Azalea and NBA player Bulldog Celebrity StarNick Young with Shrinkabulls Jelli Shrinkabulls puppy in the largest UK news media

Below Bulldog Celebrity StarRandy Jackson American Idol judge trying to name his Shrinkabulls English Bulldog puppy!

Bulldog Celebrity StarIggy Azalea’s tweet about visiting Shrinkabulls on Celebrity Selfies website

Singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“CHRIS BROWN” & singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity StarSEVYN both huge celebrities in press for music video song “IT WON’T STOP” featuring Shrinkabulls Bulldog puppy “SHRINKABULLS HOME BREW aka “JAX“.

Miley Cyrus’ little brother¬†Bulldog Celebrity StarBraison Cyrus with Shrinkabull’s Blue Ivy

Announcement:¬†Bulldog Celebrity StarFleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham to collaborate on”If I Loved You”

Pop Star Bulldog Celebrity StarCher Lloyd in New Interview Talking About Her Shrinkabulls Blue French Bulldog YAY!

Number One Billboard singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity StarIggy Azalea and her new bulldog puppy “Shrinkabull Jam Don’t Shake Like That Jelli”

Pop Star Bulldog Celebrity StarCher Lloyd in New Interview Talking About Her Shrinkabulls Blue French Bulldog YAY!

Shrinkabulls Blue Bulldog Katana in the MTV press with singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Pia Mia”

Bulldog Celebrity StarIGGY AZALEA talks about SHRINKABULLS on the TODAY SHOW!

“SHRINKABULLS LEGACY”¬†(blue bulldog) ON OCEANUP!!! In the press pictured with pop star singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“CHER LlOYD” & “CRAIG”

Rolling Stone article showing Shrinkabull’s Blue Legend

WOW!!! 90210 actor¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Matt Lanter” &¬†“Shrinkabulls Resse”¬†made the Cosmopolitan Magazine!! What a HUGE honor!!

Movie previw of “MAUL DOGS” – Actor¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Eric Roberts” golden glob nominee – brother of world famous actress ” Julia Roberts,” is holding Shrinkabulls Sloan (lilac tri Shrinkabull English bulldog puppy)

MOVIE PREVIEW “MAUL DOGS” Golden Globe nominee winning actor¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Eric Roberts” (actress Julia Roberts brother, movie teasers) starring bulldog puppy Shrinkabulls Sloan:

Bulldog Celebrity StarIggy Azalea visits Shrinkabulls

Famous producer¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“John Segal” with Shrinkabulls bulldog¬†“SHRINKABULLS TITAN OF TROIX”

“Shrinkabulls Blue Legacy”¬†in the Press with singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Chantel” – for song “Sending My Love”

AXS NEWS – filmed Live was exclusive behind the scene with actress/ model¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Alex Frnka” (holding blue french bulldog puppy Shrinkabulls Buddy) at her Miabella Photo Shoot. The Inbetweeners star chatted it up.

HUGE STARS!¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“KEANA” &¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“SAM LARSEN”with¬†“SHRINKABULLS ACE IN THE HOLE”¬†on the set for music video for song “CANDY FROM STRANGERS”

“SHRINKABULLS TITAN OF TROIX”¬†on “JUST JARED” with the gorgeous ACTRESS¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Shay Mitchell” of NBC TV series of “PRETTY LITTLE LIARS”!

Singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“CHRIS BROWN” in the press with cute English Bulldog puppy from¬†“SHRINKABULL BULLDOGS”

Pop Star¬†Bulldog Celebrity StarKeana with French bulldog¬†“Shrinkabulls Blue Ivy”¬†in Life and Dog Magazine avail at Barnes and nobles book store!

Bulldog Celebrity Star“Joe Jonas” (Jonas Brothers) singer/actor and actress and¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Ashley Green” with Shrinkabull Bulldog puppy

Shrinkabulls blue & chocolate English bulldogs on magazine cover of popular dog magazine in Europe!

POP STAR¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“KEANA”¬†in photo shoot for KARMA LOOP in HOLLYWOOD with¬†“SHINKABULLS ACE IN THE HOLE”

Super Model Bulldog Celebrity StarMasha Lund labeled as one of the WORLDS MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN in press with Shrinkabulls blue bulldog puppy!

MTV Buzzworthy featuring our Shrinkabulls rare blue French bulldog Buddy Lloyd with the WORLD FAMOUS SINGER/POP STAR Bulldog Celebrity StarCHER LLOYD!!!

Actress Bulldog Celebrity StarAshley Green (aka Alice in the Twilight movie series) with singer Bulldog Celebrity StarJoe Jonas and Shrinkabulls blue English bulldog Shrinkabulls Winston

Actor¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star¬†Deigo Boneta in press for teen magazine with Shrinkabulls celebrity bulldog¬†“Titan”

French bulldog “Shrinkabulls Luna” with Teen Wolf actor¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Tyler Posey” on Miabella Magazine

E! MUSIC CHANNEL IN THE PRESS – Singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Chris Brown” named his new Shrinkabull English Bulldog puppy after his new album “X”

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! MOVIE PREVIEW! “MAUL DOGS” – Actor¬†Bulldog Celebrity StarEric Roberts golden glob nom (brother of actress Julia Roberts) holding Shrinkabulls bulldog puppy Sloan!

Shrinkabulls Bulldogs on cover some of the largest European dog magazines!

Singer/star Bulldog Celebrity StarCher Lloyd with Shrinkabulls blue French bulldog puppy!

Shrinkabulls Bulldog¬†“Chocolate Reese”¬†on CLEVER TV with SUPER STAR¬†Bulldog Celebrity StarMatt Lanter!!

In the press for “Chrome Canine” – World known Supermodel¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Masha Lund” with Shrinkabulls Blue English Bulldog puppy sired by¬†“Shrinkabulls Ace In The Hole”

Shrinkabulls chocolate tri, blue tri & black tri English bulldogs in huge European dog magazine

Pop star Bulldog Celebrity StarKEANA & chocolate shrinkabulls bulldog pup in press for JEMLEW JEWELRY

Singer Bulldog Celebrity Star5IVE STAR with Shrinkabulls Blue Moon French bulldog.

Shrinkabulls rare blue tri, black tri & chocolate tri English bulldogs in Dog Life magazine

In MTV artists press- blue French bulldog “SHRINKABULLS FLOYD” with singer¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“Tyrese Gibson” – group¬†Bulldog Celebrity Star“FLY PANDAs” of Face Drop.

Teen wolf actress in the press TV.COM with Shrinkabulls bulldog puppy Twila

Bulldog Celebrity StarAlex Frnka news Hollywood with shrinkabulls blue french bulldog puppy Buddy!

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Chris Brown with new puppy on HollyWood Life